Hunter Dickinson is well-versed enough in the name, image and likeness climate in college sports to realize that Michigan needs to step up a little more.

“They’re gonna lose out on so many players if they don’t start stepping up to the plate. I feel bad for Coach Juwan and Coach Harbaugh because they’re trying,” Dickinson said during an interview on “The Michigan Basketball Insider.” “It’s not their fault. The coaches are trying for sure.”

From a player’s standpoint, Dickinson admitted that the NIL can be overwhelming, especially in season while trying to juggle offers and social media requests.

“I just think Michigan, in that sense, is so far behind, because it’s like, you’re never gonna get a top-10 player again unless you’re able to provide NIL for him,” he said.

Dickinson recalled that players have more options now than ever, and they’re weighing offers from around the country.

“If I’m the number one player in the country for basketball or football, why would I come to Michigan, where they’re saying they have the potential for you to get something?,” he said. “When I’m at Alabama for football or if I’m at Kentucky for basketball, they’re like, ‘You can commit here and this deal, you can sign it right after you sign the letter for a million dollars.’ I would never come to Michigan if that’s the case.”