Hunter Dickinson is not holding anything back when it comes to Wisconsin basketball.

On Monday while on the podcast, “RoundBall,” Dickinson discussed more of the heated rivalry between Michigan and Wisconsin. (Warning, this clip is NSFW.)

Dickinson, a junior center for Michigan basketball, provided his own take on what he thinks of the Badgers basketball squad.

“Wisconsin, I mean they’re just… they’re just… they’re scumbags, it’s what it is,” said Dickinson about his perception of Wisconsin. “I’m sorry, they’re just scumbags. Like, nothing I can say about Wisconsin is going to fire up the matchup even more, so it’s like, it already is what it is, they’re scumbags.”

According to Dickinson, those feelings are very mutual between the two B1G programs:

“The feeling could not be any more mutual. It’s not like it’s a one-sided beef like Maryland where I’m mad at Mark Turgeon for not recruiting me,” explained Dickinson. “Maryland, the players have no real reason to be mad at me. Yeah, this one is very mutual.”

Well, the Wolverines have some time before they go up against the Badgers on the floor to relinquish this beef, once again. Until then Michigan basketball will take on Penn State at home in a B1G game on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET.