Hunter Dickinson — Michigan’s star big man — isn’t running from the hate of his rivals.

What are the B1G Basketball Media Days without a little controversy? Dickinson provided just that. Dickinson didn’t hold back any punches when discussing his disdain for the Wolverines’ rivals Ohio State and Michigan State.

Dickinson made no apologies when asked how he felt about those two teams and why he trolls them.

“I know as a Michigan man, no Michigan State fan is ever going to like me,” said Dickinson per Zach Shaw with 247 Sports. “So why even try? I’d rather they hate me than be average. … I enjoy making fun of the little brother and Ohio State.”

Well, it’s sure that comment is going to sit well with Spartan and Buckeye fans especially when Michigan visits both teams this upcoming season. Either way, the feeling is probably mutual between Dickinson’s main rivals in the B1G.

But Dickinson is right, what fun is a rivalry if you like each other? Michigan State or Ohio State players may not respond in the media as he has, but you have to believe their answer will more than likely come on the court and Dickinson better be ready to put up or shut up.