Hunter Dickinson isn’t looking to make any new friends in Indiana.

The Michigan center didn’t shy from sharing his thoughts on IU students and fans during a recent episode of the “RoundBall Podcast.” With Hoosiers’ standout Trayce Jackson-Davis visiting the show, host Marty Mush shared his opinion that IU has a better college town feel than U-M. Dickinson strongly disagreed.

“I went there this year, when there was like nobody on campus,” Dickson recalled.

Jackson-Davis jumped in to say he wasn’t there when Dickinson visited.

Dickinson continued, “It’s not the best clientele. I have to say that. There’s a lot of normal people in Ann Arbor. There’s a lot of weirdos in Bloomington.”

Jackson-Davis avoided any trash talk, laughing at Dickinson’s take on IU.

Dickinson and the Wolverines are set to wrap up the 2022-23 regular season in Bloomington on March 5. The Michigan center probably won’t be receiving the warmest of welcomes.