With 13 months left on his seven-year contract, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s tenure in Ann Arbor hasn’t come close to expectations..

While his .723 winning percentage entering the 2020 season is only bettered by 10 coaches at their current schools, he has fallen short in the “must-win” column, with four straight bowl losses, a 3-3 record against Michigan State, and an 0-5 record against Ohio State since his return to his alma mater.

The question now, is will Harbuagh be in Ann Arbor past 2021?

While Michigan fans have been vocal with their feelings, many calling for Harbaugh’s termination prior to his contract’s end, Fox College Football analyst, and former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer feels calmer heads need to prevail.

Meyer offered his opinion on Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff on Saturday.

‘When a coaching staff is hired, at the end of that tenure or during that tenure, they’re going to be successful or fail [because of] two reasons: First, you have to develop and implement a culture. No. 2 you have to acquire talent, it’s called talent acquisition and development. You watch them play, they’re 2-5 in their last 7 games,” said Meyer.

“I think it’s time to blow it up. I think it’s time to evaluate the culture, dig deep. 2-5 is not…there’s something going on. Don’t start saying there’s bad players. That’s not fair. You have to evaluate your staff, your assistant coaches. Talk about talent acquisition, that’s called recruiting. You have to have the right players that fit your puzzle, or are they being developed?”

Asked if “blowing it up” meant to get rid of Harbaugh, Meyer responded, “I didn’t say that. Because when people say that, where do you go? He is a great football coach. He’s won 70% of his games. You can’t all of a sudden say he’s a bad football coach. That’s not fair.”