Jim Harbaugh’s immediate future has become one of the most important topics in the Big Ten over the last several weeks, and FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff crew debated it on Saturday morning.

The crew was split on whether or not Harbaugh is still a good fit for the Wolverines.

Brady Quinn and Reggie Bush felt like his tenure has run its course. Matt Leinart believes Harbaugh has done well in Ann Arbor considering the context, and Urban Meyer says Harbaugh can still work there if he makes adjustments.

“On the way in, he looked like the right fit,” Quinn said. “But unfortunately with how things have gone, I don’t know if he’s the right fit right now.

“The singular issue that I see and why I say he’s not the right anymore, is we always looked at him as a guy who could develop quarterbacks. You go back to his NFL time, you go back to his time at Stanford with Andrew Luck for example, he was a guy who could develop quarterbacks. This team has not had elite quarterback play since he’s been there.”

Quinn also said he felt like expectations at Michigan have been “blown out of proportion.” Meyer took issue with that sentiment, citing Michigan’s winning record against Ohio State in the 1980s and 1990s.

“I refuse to accept that anyone says [Michigan] can’t compete with Ohio State,” Meyer said. “I refuse. Don’t ever lower your standards.”

Meyer said Harbaugh needs to “blow it up” in order to get things right, emphasizing the need to find the right quarterback.

“Evaluate your recruiting strategies. Evaluate your player development and get that right,” Meyer said. “Do not lower your standards.”

Michigan is 2-4 this season and Harbaugh has just one year remaining on his contract.

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