Michigan got blown out 49-11 last night to Wisconsin and Jim Harbaugh obviously wasn’t happy about it postgame.

The big issue Harbaugh sees in his team is the coaching and he said as such after the game by saying, “Yeah, the thing that stands out the most is the coaching. The players do what they’re asked to do, so making sure that they have an understanding of what to do, and therefore they can go for it. There seems to be hesitation, there seems to be some confusion, some lack of communication on both sides of the ball offensively and defensively and getting things adjusted to, getting things fixed, just identifying how to improve in those areas are some of the first things that we’re going to address.”

Wolverine fans aren’t going to be too happy with Harbaugh with those comments, especially as they continue to lose games and look lifeless doing so.

The hesitation definitely seemed to be there last night as well as the lack of communication as Michigan was shutout in three of the four quarters.

Harbaugh’s next chance to get the coaching in order comes against Rutgers next Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET.