Jake Butt is all too familiar with the unfortunate reality of knee injuries. The former star tight end for Michigan was injured in his final collegiate game before battling injuries over the course of his NFL career.

Now, Butt is moving onto broadcasting and will be a part of BTN’s coverage for the 2022 season. He also recently tackled a scary play from Sunday’s NFL preseason action.

In the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants, first-round draft pick Kayvon Thibodeaux went down with a knee injury after a chop block below the waist. Reports indicate Thibodeaux has dodged a severe injury, but many on social media reacted to what was perceived as a dirty play by Thaddeus Moss.

While some on social media were less than thrilled by the hit, Butt was less concerned. He pointed out football is “inherently dangerous” and said that cut blocks happen “500x a season” without getting discussed.

Butt also claimed most people wouldn’t know “what to be mad at” without the existence of Twitter.

While the play was scary, it is hard to judge intent of the block based on the play that hurt Thibodeaux.