Jake Butt made an accurate prediction about Michigan before the season even started.

Back in August, analysts for the B1G Network were power-ranking the B1G East teams. Butt, a former Wolverine, put Michigan at No. 1. “I’m liking them (Michigan) to win again this year,” said Butt when picking the winner of The Game.

Butt pointed out after Michigan’s win that he was called “crazy” and “a homer” for his preseason prediction. But for 2022, the Wolverines proved Butt right in capturing the B1G East.

Butt was a TE for the Wolverines from 2013-2016. In his career at Ann Arbor, the Wolverines went 0-4 against the Buckeyes.

Now, as an analyst, Butt has seen Michigan win The Game 2 years in a row.