Jake Moody was selected in the 2023 NFL Draft Friday night, a move that turned some heads in the process.

With the 99th overall pick in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected the Michigan kicker in the third round. Traditionally, kickers are not selected very high in the draft, and a top-100 pick for the accurate Moody was a surprise for many.

Nevertheless, Rich Eisen loved the pick, and he went into a hilarious — and epic — rant about the pick during the live broadcast of the draft:

“Let me tell you something, kickers are not only people too, kickers are Wolverines. And I knew the San Francisco 49ers were smart people,” said Eisen. “I always knew it. Now it’s sealed. This guy can kick footballs straight through the uprights.”

Eisen went on to declare Moody Michigan’s best kicker ever before lauding San Francisco for a job well done:

“I have been a Michigan fan since 1986. This is the best kicker Michigan has ever had. He is beyond reliable, and the 49ers and you fans in San Francisco are going to LOVE Jake Moody,” Eisen ranted. “Yes! Well done, San Francisco! Well done indeed!… I’m clapping for you, you clap for me, let’s clap for all of us! Well done!”