Jalen Rose was one of the voices lobbying for Michigan to hire Juwan Howard as its next head basketball coach. Now that it’s become a reality, Rose says some things are going to change among the Fab Five.

While the Fab Five — Rose, Howard, Chris Webber, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King — were a revolutionary team in college basketball, there have been some rough patches in the relationships. But Rose says that won’t be the case anymore.

“I just gotta acknowledge this on national television, those days are over,” Rose said on Get Up!. “Not seeing eye to eye, there will not be any disrespect to the program. There will not be any sideshows. There will not be any friction among the Fab Five. We’re about to all come together like Voltron and make sure we do what we gotta do to put us back on top of the map.”

Rose and Webber in particular have had an icy relationship since the Fab Five days. Even when Webber returned to Ann Arbor to be an honorary captain for the Michigan football team in 2018, Rose called it a “calculated” move to try and become a candidate for the Hall of Fame at UM.

Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Webber and the relationship between the two continued down a rocky path.

Now, Rose says that Howard’s hiring at Michigan will dissolve that feud. When Adam Schefter asked Rose if the hiring of Howard would bring he and Webber together, Rose responded, “Yes. Absolutely.”

Rose has said his part about the situation. It’ll be interesting to see if Webber feels the same.