Jeff Saturday is fed up with the Michigan sign-stealing story.

The former NFL player and head coach thinks the story is getting overblown and that every team is trying to what Michigan got caught doing. He believes it’s just a part of the game.

He also believes that even if you do steal signs, you still have to go out on the field and execute and stop the other team, which isn’t a guarantee.


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He went on a rant about the story on ESPN’s Get Up Wednesday morning.

“This thing has gotten ridiculous,” Saturday said. “First of all, we all played this game for a long time, every team is stealing signs. Trying to. Every team is trying to steal checks, they’re listening to TV copies about how quarterbacks are audibleing, they’re listening to all this stuff in the meeting rooms. All of this information you’re trying to gather, you understand as a football player, is happening. And every team is doing it. One team is getting singled out, it’s nonsense. This is a game about physicality. It don’t matter what you know, it’s can you stop it or can you execute it.”

The sign-stealing story has gotten very different reactions, but Saturday is on that side that it’s being blown out of proportion.