The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life across the country in so many ways. And while most of us are still getting used to the new normal (for now), this quarantine period has provided some unique opportunities. One of those is Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh having the chance to read the morning announcements for his old elementary school.

With schools across the country doing virtual learning, students at St. Aloysius in Bowling Green were able to see and hear Harbaugh reading the morning announcements, leading a prayer and saying the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday morning.

Of course, Harbaugh had to add a little of his personality to the morning announcements. He threw out the question “Who’s got it better than us?” as well as urging students to “attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” both staples in the Harbaugh language.

Harbaugh ended to video with an emphatic “Go Blue!”

Below is the video, shared by Jordan Strack of WTOL: