You can get Jim Harbaugh to talk about a lot of things.

He’s talked about a dozen of his favorite baseball teams, he’s discussed his like for whole milk and hatred for skim milk and he even talked about oranges in the press conference a day before the Orange Bowl game.

But if the Michigan head coach doesn’t like you’re question, he’s going to tell you about it, too.

That’s what happened on Thursday morning in the press conference preceding Friday’s Orange Bowl game between Michigan and Florida State.

Harbaugh was asked a series of ridiculous questions about whether or not his players were disappointed that they haven’t seen any bikinis on their visit to Florida. Appropriately, here’s how he responded:

Harbaugh has been known to answer questions that aren’t related to football and some reporters have taken advantage of that. Whoever asked these questions, though, was taking it a little too extreme.

The lesson here?

If you want Harbaugh to answer your questions, make sure they’re not quite this outlandish.