Michigan has an incredible 154 players currently working with the team, nearly twice the amount of players (85) who are on scholarship.

However, as the Wolverines try to trim their roster to 110 for fall camp, coach Jim Harbaugh said the 85 scholarship players aren’t guaranteed spots.

During his podcast on Tuesday, Harbaugh said some scholarship players are currently on the outside looking in when it comes to the 110-man roster (via College Football Talk):

“We posted it for the squad, so they know who was in the 110 as of June 1 and who is not in the 110 as of June 1. We do expect there will be movement, we hope it ignites competition in the summer,” Harbaugh said on his weekly podcast that was released on Tuesday. “Our guys know that 110 number is strictly based on merit. The team’s needs, talent, who is going to help at certain positions. Who the best players are.

“There already are scholarship players who aren’t in the 110 and there are walk-ons, preferred walk-ons and tryout guys who are in the 110.”

The 85 scholarship players can’t have their scholarships taken away, but they don’t have to be on the football team if Harbaugh doesn’t want them.

It would be surprising to see a scholarship player sent away from the program, but the Wolverines have made it clear they aren’t messing around.