Jim Harbaugh reportedly still has the possibility of signing a contract extension at Michigan, but that situation is “on hold” per the latest report from ESPN.

Sunday evening, a story from The Wall Street Journal reported that the university had pulled a contract offer that would have made Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in the B1G. That report cited hesitation from the Wolverines as a result of the sign-stealing allegations against Harbaugh’s program and the pending NCAA investigation.

However, ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reported a slightly different angle to the situation. According to Rittenberg, a contract push to sign an extension accelerated during the week of Oct. 8 but things change once the NCAA investigation was started.

Rittenberg cited Tom VanHaaren who says a source told him that Harbaugh was instructed not to sign the extension yet. The situation is more aptly described as “on hold” until the NCAA review is completed per Rittenberg.

Rittenberg also pointed to Oct. 10 comments from AD Warde Manuel that said he hoped to “have something soon.”

We’ll see how things change moving forward and whether or not the NCAA’s final ruling on the sign-stealing matter impacts a potential deal for Harbaugh.