There aren’t many questions that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh likes to answer in detail. In fact, most of his 15-minute press conference at B1G Media Days on Monday was relatively bland.

But when Harbaugh was asked about sports gambling, he gave one of his longer responses of the afternoon.

“Gambling?” Harbaugh responded when asked how he would address the situation of legalized sports betting with his players. “Don’t gamble. Don’t associate with gamblers. Avoid it like the plague. Don’t walk away from that — run.”

Following his response, he then provided the media with a story of the first time he heard the phrase “don’t walk away from that — run.”

Along with his thoughts on gambling, Harbaugh also doubled-down on the idea of expanding the College Football Playoff, something he’s been advocating for since returning to the college sideline.

“More is better,” Harbaugh said. “Let’s go to eight and eventually 16.”

Most coaches are either happy with a four-team format or want to expand to eight teams. Outside of Mike Leach, there aren’t many coaches other than Harbaugh that want it expanded to double digits.

Eight teams seems like it could be a possibility sometime in the future, but expanding much further than that probably won’t happen for quite some time.