Jim Harbaugh did not pull any punches when reacting to James Franklin’s comments directed at Michigan Stadium’s tunnel.

In Week 7, Michigan victoriously beat Penn State, 41-17. But, one of the biggest topics from that game surrounded the tunnel fiasco.

At the Big House, there is only one entry point for both teams’ locker rooms. So, needless to say, tensions were high at halftime and after the game with Penn State and its coach James Franklin, who was unhinged heading into the locker room.

On Monday afternoon ahead of Week 9, Harbaugh addressed the concerns over the tunnel at UM. He noted that he has “bigger fish to fry” than to listen to Franklin’s comments surrounding the Week 7 game and his unprofessional manner in the tunnel.

Harbaugh also did not steer away from mentioning that Franklin was the “ringleader” following the halftime heated incident. Also, Harbaugh called Franklin’s comments “whining” and Penn State’s overall behavior during that moment “sophomoric.”

It has yet to be addressed if Michigan will do anything about its tunnel situation after the Franklin fiasco. But, we will certainly stay up to date and see what happens next.

It will be interesting to see how these two teams react to each other when the 2023 game rolls around.