Aidan Hutchinson had a historic day in Week 2, recording 3 sacks in the first half against the Commanders. He is just the third rookie to reach 3 sacks in a half as well as the first Lions’ rookie to reach that mark in a game.

The Michigan product showed why he was selected 2nd overall in this year’s draft and looks to build his case for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Jim Harbaugh, Hutchinson’s former coach, was asked about his performance in Monday’s press conference in preparation for Maryland. His response:

“Pretty, pretty good,” Harbaugh said in an impersonation of comedian Larry David.

Hutchinson was fairly quiet in Week 1 but wasted no time getting started in Week 2. While at Michigan, he was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy and was the favorite to go No. 1 before Georgia’s Travon Walker flew up the draft boards late.

Hutchinson spoke about his experiences with Harbaugh last week on the Dan Patrick show, expressing the goofy side of Harbaugh that we saw in his interview earlier.

“You know, you see coach Harbaugh with his shirt off, and his Khakis on and his cleats just ripping out some squats in the weight room,” Hutchinson said. “I think consistently seeing those things — that’s normal to me now — just cause I was around it so long. Those are just kinda the day-in-the-life things that you get.”

Even though Hutchinson jested at Harbaugh’s strange side, there was something in that player-coach relationship that led to him becoming one of the best college football players in the country.