Jim Harbaugh knows how his players have been using “turnovers buffs” this season to celebrate when they get a takeaway. His reaction to the new name for it was priceless.

Buffs are glasses made by Cartier that have buffalo horn frames. They were made popular in Detroit, Michigan.

The new tradition has been gaining ground as the season has gone on. The most points that the Michigan defense has allowed this season is 27 to Maryland. However, the Wolverines rebounded by only allowing 14 to Iowa and 10 to Indiana.

WXYZ Detroit’s Brad Galli posted the video of Harbaugh’s response. Harbaugh didn’t know that the glasses were called buffs at first.

“I love them,” said Harbaugh. “It’s very much a rule that you really can’t do anything in terms of having fun or celebrating on the field, especially on defense. But on the sideline you can do whatever you want. The guys have fun.”

The Michigan defense will need to keep getting turnovers if they want to return to the B1G title game. A top 10 matchup with Penn State awaits Michigan in Week 7.