Jim Harbaugh NFL rumors are a tale as old as time. While Harbaugh returned to Michigan and professed his commitment to the Wolverines after interviewing with the Minnesota Vikings last year, NFL teams are once again targeting Harbaugh per multiple reports.

During Monday’s College GameDay broadcast, ESPN listed three teams that could target Harbaugh for the head coaching role:

“Jim Harbaugh has never been hotter in NFL circles,” said ESPN’s Pete Thamel. “He is expected to be linked to the jobs in Indianapolis where he was a star player, and also in Denver, and maybe in the conversation for the Carolina Panthers job. It appears Harbaugh is back on the floor for his annual dance.”

While the crew debated whether or not Harbaugh could make it back to the NFL, Desmond Howard was skeptical of the chatter. He does not believe Harbaugh has plans or interest in leaving Ann Arbor right now.

“I don’t think he’s leaving. You can set your watch to this, this happens every time this time of the year. He’s not leaving,” said Howard. “He seems to be having fun in Ann Arbor, I think we’ve talked about other teams maybe leaking this to hurt recruiting. I’ve heard nothing about Harbaugh wanting to leave Ann Arbor.”

Despite Howard’s comments, David Pollack pointed out there was validity to the NFL chatter in 2022. “Last year, he went and visited the Vikings, so last year there was validity to it,” Pollack explained.

Howard admitted last year that was the case but made it clear “we’re talking about 2023” to explain why he’s skeptical of the chatter.

We’ll see if Harbaugh entertains the NFL once again or if the current rumors are just smoke surrounding the head coach.