Michigan is still winless against Ohio State under Jim Harbaugh.

Beyond just the win-loss record, the Wolverines appear to be moving the wrong way in the rivalry series. The Buckeyes have scored 56+ points in back-to-back games against Michigan, a first for either team in the rivalry series.

Simply looking at the results, one has to wonder if it is an issue of coaching or an issue with talent between the two teams. After the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about a potential talent gap in the rivalry. He did not appreciate that comment, and he doesn’t believe there is one:

“I’ll answer the questions, not your insults. They played really good,” said Harbaugh. When asked what the biggest difference was in the gap for the game, Harbaugh simply said the Buckeyes “played better today.”

Angelique Chengelis with the Detroit News shared the video of the exchange:

If there is no talent gap, is the issue with Harbaugh and his staff?