Jim Harbaugh appreciated a question about allegations around Michigan having on-site scouting and sign stealing, but initially did not address it.

The Michigan coach said after the Purdue win that he couldn’t talk about it, and wasn’t going to. However, Harbaugh later opened up about it

“The guys are such stalwarts, but the comments keep coming about why they’re good, how they’re just good,” he said. “If you know football, and you watch our guys play, I’ve said it before, there’s 20, 22, 23 guys that’ll be playing on Sundays next year. I truly believe there’s another 30, 35, right behind them that’ll return and others that’ll be developing. It’s just really good players. If you know football, just watch the games, turn on the tape. That’s why they’re so good. They’re good at it.”


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He later clarified that stalwarts are “savage warriors” and invited questions about why Michigan players are so good.

“It’s practically a priceless gift to get to where we want,” Harbaugh said.