Everything is clicking now. Michigan’s offense is rolling. Heck, the defense is doing its job as well. The Wolverines have won four straight games and even in the second half of the loss to Penn State, Michigan played good football.

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On Saturday, Michigan beat Indiana 39-14. The game was tied at 14, but then the Wolverines blew it open. Quarterback Shea Patterson tossed five touchdowns in the win.

After the game, Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh talked a lot about his signal caller:

We’re riding him,” Jim Harbaugh said. “His play has just been outstanding. He’s really seeing the field well. He is taking care of the football at all times, it’s even close to a turnover, he’s doing a great job in that regard and really playing good, disciplined football (…)

“He’s playing on time with everything that he does. Everything, all his rhythm, getting the ball out, everything has become very precise with Shea, with the receivers, with the tight ends, backs. The precision of the passing game has been operating extremely well.”

As long as Patterson keeps up this level of play, Michigan is going to be tough to beat. Ohio State is a different beast. It has proven to be that all year long. But, the Wolverines are also playing at a level they never have this season.

Next Saturday is going to be a fun one between the two schools that absolutely despise one another.