Jim Harbaugh was just glad to have Michigan back where it belongs, at the top of the college football world.

Just knowing that the players, coaches, and parents all are able to understand what it means to be at that level was enough for Harbaugh. It meant the world to Harbaugh to have Michigan back on top at Saturday’s media day, and he shared as much on the Big Ten Network.

“It’s awesome. That everybody gets to feel it. Each player on the team knows what it’s like to be a champion. That their parents know what it’s like to have a son who’s a champion. To have their brothers, their sisters, their grandparents know what it’s like,” said Harbaugh. “For my kids, to have a dad who’s a champion. For our coaches, the same thing. The brother. For them, really. For everybody else, really, to feel what it’s like to have their son be a champion.”

It came down to the players who decided to stick around. The Wolverines program as a whole takes pride in those who are extra committed.

“To me, everything Jake (Butt) talked about, those who stay will be champions. Those who work will stay. Those who stay will be champions,” said Harbaugh. “We just really, (it’s just) something we believe, something that’s in our core, that we really think highly of and to go about. And to watch our guys do that, and be in the position to be in position to win a national title, that’s right where we want to be.”

Kickoff from the national championship will be at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.