Jim Harbaugh wants football this fall. He’s not just making a blanket statement, either, he’s backing up his case for the season to continue on in 2020 with facts.

On Monday, Harbaugh released a statement advocating for football to be played during the 2020 season. He wrote his statement based on “the facts accumulated over the last eight weeks” since players began returning to campus in Ann Arbor. Harbaugh argues that the situation can be handled because of “the facts.”

Below are the bullet points Harbaugh used in his statement, which came out following the announcement that the B1G cancelled football for 2020.

  • The Michigan football program has had 11 positive tests out of 893 administered, including three upon initial return to campus.
  • We have had two positive tests out of the last 417 administered
  • We have had zero positive tests out of the last 353 administered
  • There have been zero positive tests among the coaches or staff over the entire eight weeks of testing
  • There has been no contact tracing to our fields, weight room, locker room or facility
  • We had zero pauses in our training
  • We have complied with all CDC guidelines and self-implemented stricter standards for contact tracing in quarantining to prevent spread
  • We have followed all health and safety guidelines and welcome and encourage any health department, University administration or other sports programs to visit and see how we practice and execute these protocols
  • As Darryl Conway our Chief Medical Officer and a member of the Big Ten’s Medical Advisory Group has stated, “I wish that others could see this model.”

Harbaugh has been advocating for a season since student-athletes have returned to campus, saying he, his staff and the Michigan players want to play football in the fall. But it appears that is no longer an option.

Still, the head coach is making one last plea in an attempt to turn the table.

Below is Harbaugh’s complete statement: