Jim Harbaugh made it clear a few weeks ago that he would be back as head coach at Michigan for the 2023 season. However, that announcement has not stopped Harbaugh from further meetings with one NFL owner regarding a head coaching vacancy.

According to Adam Schefter with ESPN, Denver Broncos owner Greg Penner flew to Ann Arbor to meet with Harbaugh last week regarding the head coaching position in Denver. No deal materialized during those meetings, but the timing is noteworthy.

On Jan. 16 — 12 days ago — Harbaugh announced he would return, saying his “heart is at the University of Michigan” and quoting a wise man as saying “Don’t try to out-happy, happy.” According to Schefter, the follow-up conversations were a part of the process, both for Denver and for Harbaugh. The face-to-face meeting did come about after Harbaugh withdrew his name from consideration following a video interview with the Broncos.

Schefter went on to say near the end of his report that while Harbaugh has interviewed with the Minnesota Vikings and Broncos in back-to-back seasons, one NFL source predicted Harbaugh is unlikely to have many NFL options in the future. We’ll see if that holds true or if the dance continues following the 2023 season.