As the end of the regular seasons near for college and NFL football, it’s almost a guarantee that Jim Harbaugh’s name will be tied with some of the coaching vacancies at the professional level. It’s happened every year since he parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers after the 2014 campaign.

But apparently, any rumors swirling that Harbaugh is interested in a return to the NFL should be put to rest. At least that’s according to one reporter at Bleacher Report.

On Sunday morning, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report tweeted that he received information from a source close to Harbaugh saying “Don’t even start that NFL talk. Won’t happen.”

Michigan fans can put any of that speculation to rest earlier than usual.

Harbaugh is 28-9 in his first three seasons as head coach in Ann Arbor. He won 10 games in each of his first two years, but needs wins over Ohio State and a bowl victory to get to the double-digit win total this fall.

This likely doesn’t mean that Harbaugh’s name will be omitted from the NFL conversation, but it sounds like the “Michigan Man” is happy with his gig at his alma mater. And considering the type of talent returning to the field next fall, it’d be surprising if he decided to bolt before the 2018 campaign.

Maybe Harbaugh will eventually eye a return to the NFL, but it doesn’t sound like it will happen anytime soon.