Jim Harbaugh isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The head coach has been known to say just about anything, whether it’s at a press conference or over Twitter.

So when reporters asked the Michigan head coach what he thought about Ohio State’s investigation into Urban Meyer, surely Harbaugh would come up with an interesting response, right?


Harbaugh didn’t provide any comment on the situation, simply saying “I don’t have a reaction to it.”

It was probably smart for Harbaugh to just leave the comment at that, but we did hope for a more interesting response.

Remember, this is the same guy who fired off this tweet at Mark Dantonio at the end of last season:

Harbaugh may not have a comment on the Meyer situation just yet, but perhaps he’ll have something a little more interesting to say at the end of the year.

Especially if the Wolverines finally get over the hump and knock off the Buckeyes.