Jim Harbaugh revealed Tuesday the names of the very generous donors who footed the bill for Michigan’s trips to Europe.

Michigan alums Bobby Kotick and Don Graham split the bill for the trip to Paris, and Kotick alone paid for the 2017 trip to Rome. Kotick is the CEO of the company behind the game “Call of Duty,” Activision Blizzard, while Graham is the founder of The Graham Group, which is an alliance of independent operating businesses and investment firms, according to its website.

The bill for the trip to Paris is expected to be $800,000, which the duo split, while Kotick shelled out $750,000 to $800,000 by himself for last year’s trip to Rome.

“Two great Michigan guys, especially Bobby. They’re the best,” Harbaugh said Tuesday, via Detroit News. “Bobby doesn’t want anything said. He doesn’t want anybody to know that, but it’s a hard secret to keep.”

The secret is indeed out.

Harbaugh also revealed that next year’s vacation plans aren’t set yet.