Jim Harbaugh on Thursday offered some additional clarification on the Shemy Schembechler situation at Michigan.

Harbaugh said Michigan has replaced the company it uses to vet social media after the resignation of Schembechler and added that he was offended by the material on Schembechler’s Twitter feed.

“Once we became aware of things that were just offensive, offensive to me, offensive to other members of our team, we just didn’t want that mindset around,” Harbaugh said in Detroit at a football camp where he spoke alongside Illinois’ Bret Bielema, Michigan State’s Mel Tucker and Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck. “It’s disappointing, you know? I’ve known Shem a long time, but there are no sacred cows. That’s not who we are. It’s not us.”

Schembechler resigned nearly 2 weeks ago after racially insensitive tweets were found in the “liked” section of his Twitter account. Among them were tweets appearing to support slavery and Jim Crow segregation. His Twitter account was eventually deleted.

H/T Anthony Broome.