Jim Harbaugh went on a local Michigan radio station to confirm who he was talking about when he made his 3rd base comments from last year’s matchup with Ohio State.

Harbaugh confirmed that he was in fact talking about Ryan Day when he appeared on “The Stoney & Jansen” morning show on 97.1 The Ticket. Harbaugh said that it definitely was a counterpunch.

“It was definitely a counterpunch by me to the comment that they’re going to hang 100 on us, etcetera,” Harbaugh told “The Stoney & Jansen” morning show. “Kind of like a Sugar Ray Robinson (knockout).

While Harbaugh did play into the banter, he still highlighted how much respect he has for Day and his program.

“But the fact is, I think Ryan Day is a great coach,” said Harbaugh. “I think he is a tremendous football coach. Truth be known, that’s how I feel. You can see it week after week with his team. He’s as good a coach as there is in football.”

We’ll see if Day has a response to Harbaugh’s comments.

(H/T MLive)