Tom Brady has secured his legacy as the greatest quarterback to ever step onto a football field, winning his sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday. And now, Jim Harbaugh believes its time for the University of Michigan to immortalize the former Wolverine.

Harbaugh said the university should start working on a Tom Brady statue during a recent episode of the “Attack Each Day” podcast he hosts with his father, Jack.

“I think it’s time, don’t you, for a Tom Brady statue to build right here,” Harbaugh said. “Right in front of Schembechler Hall, or do you put it in the stadium? Where do you put the Tom Brady statue?

“I think we can all agree now, Tom Brady…he’s lapped the field in football. You’re synonymous with Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan. The university he attended should build a statue.”

Harbaugh has welcomed Brady backed to Ann Arbor on a few occasions over the last four years. For Harbaugh’s first full signing class, he invited the quarterback to attend the “Signing with the Stars” event on National Signing Day.

In 2016, Brady served as an honorary captain before a home game against Hawai’i.

Building a permanent fixture of Brady in Ann Arbor seems like a no-brainer considering the contribution the future Hall of Fame quarterback has made to the game, even if his time in Ann Arbor wasn’t nearly as glorious as his NFL career.