Jim Harbaugh was asked Sunday afternoon how he felt about the possibility of facing off against Ohio State in the national Championship game. Instead, he focused on the Wolverines’ game against TCU.

It’s obvious Harbaugh is taking this one game at a time in Michigan’s best chance at a national title in some time.

“My thought was on the ballgame (the Big Ten Championship Game against Purdue). We treated it as the biggest game in the world, for us last night,” Harbaugh said Sunday. “We’ll treat the next one the same way. As far as psychology or anything like that, it’s just about the game for us. We’ll go back to work right now and get ready for a tough TCU team. Couldn’t be more impressed with them watching them throughout the season. That quarterback was unbelievable in terms of a competitor and we’ve got a heck of one ourselves, so it should be a great matchup.”

The Wolverines face off against TCU in the Fiesta Bowl in just under a month. Buckle up, we should be in for a good one this year.