It wasn’t accompanied with the hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday), so it’s unclear whether or not Jim Harbaugh had a reason to reach back into his old shoebox of childhood memories, find a picture of the first team he was a member of, and share it through Twitter.

Regardless of what his reasoning might have been, that’s what the Michigan head coach did on Thursday night.

A black-and-white photo of the Bowling Green Bruins from 1969 was tweeted from Harbaugh’s official Twitter account, claiming it was “the first sports” that he and brother John were members of. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a football, basketball or baseball image. Instead, the Bruins were a youth hockey team in Ohio.

At the time the picture was take, Harbaugh would have been about six years old. His older brother John would have been seven.

Can you point out the Harbaughs in the photo? We’re guessing the back-center is Jim.