Now that he’s got the glasses, all Jim Harbaugh is missing is a red and white sweater and matching stocking hat.

The Michigan head coach has taken on a “Where’s Waldo,” persona at sporting events, though Harbaugh isn’t trying to blend in with the crowd to hide his identity. Still, the cameras are shining on him any time he’s spotted taking in a game.

On Tuesday night, Harbaugh was spotted at the Kentucky-Vanderbilt basketball game in Nashville with his father, Jack, and  Valparaiso athletic director – and former head basketball coach – Homer Drew:

Harbaugh has been spotted at several other sporting events over the years, most notably a World Series game between the Indians and Cubs at Wrigley Field. He was, again, in attendance with his father, and wearing a baseball glove in case any baseballs headed his direction.

Recently, Harbaugh talked with John Calipari the Kentucky head coach’s podcast, Coach Cal Podcast. On the episode, the two talked about recruiting, satellite camps and traded old coaching stories. The two even agreed to attend each other’s practice sometime in the future.

Maybe Harbaugh was taking Calipari up on that deal a little earlier than expected.