Nearly a decade ago, the Philadelphia 76ers brought the buzz-worthy phrase “Trust the process” into the mainstream of the sports vernacular when rebuilding the franchise.

It appears that we have a new catch phrase in 2020 surrounding the “process.” It has come from Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. During his Monday press conference, Harbaugh appeared to coin the phrase “disdain for the process.”

Here’s a little more context to tell you where that came from.

These quotes from Harbaugh are odd. You aren’t crazy. Just look at one reporter’s reaction.

Here’s the full exchange between the reporter who asked the question that led to the disdain line and Harbaugh’s full response.

As many have already pointed out, process is great. Process can help a lot. But if the process results in what Michigan has done in 2020, it’s probably fair to question said process.

The Wolverines have hit a number of lows this year, getting beaten at home badly by Michigan State and Wisconsin. Harbaugh’s squad hit a new low on Saturday as they became the first team to lose to Penn State in 2020.

Harbaugh may be coaching his final few weeks at Michigan based on how things are going. But darn it, he’s going to follow the process.