Jim Harbaugh is facing the possibility of a 4-game suspension in a report that came out this week prior to B1G Media Days. While Harbaugh danced around the topic in Indianapolis, many have weighed in on the topic.

On Friday, ESPN’s “Get Up” crew tackled the potential suspension with Heather Dinich and Paul Finebaum weighing in. Dinich particularly questioned the idea, wondering if a suspension really matters considering Michigan’s early-season schedule.

“It certainly seems to be turning in that direction. I think the big picture is does it really matter? Because their nonconference schedule is so easy… Whether or not he is (suspended 4 games) remains to be seen, but my guess is that’s how it’s probably going to shake out,” said Dinich.

As for Finebaum, he believes Harbaugh had a misstep by allegedly lying to NCAA investigators from the start. Finebaum pointed out there wasn’t much the NCAA could do either way, and telling the truth could have avoided any setbacks in the season:

“I think what he should have done was tell the truth and say ‘This is what happened.’ What was the NCAA going to do to him at this point? Were they going to dock him his right to have vanilla or chocolate chip cookie at training camp? It really didn’t matter,” Finebaum explained.

“He came off well, he didn’t hurt himself, I appreciate that but I would have liked to have seen him go much further.”