When the NCAA opted to lift its moratorium on voluntary athletic activities for student-athletes, it was almost assumed that colleges would be rushing to get student-athletes back on campus. Some are taking advantage of that June 1 date, while others are still determining the best strategy.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is wanting input from parents when it comes to welcoming student-athletes back on campus. In a recent interview with the Rich Eisen Show, Harbaugh said he wanted the parents of the players to be involved.

“A really important piece we’ve done is reached to our parents: ‘Hey this is our team, these are your sons, what do you think is right? How do you want to do this?’” Harbaugh said, according to The Detroit News. “Got a lot of great feedback. You’ve got a lot of smart parents, and by the way, they’re parents.

“Tremendous feedback. Even shared some of the protocols that they have at some of the companies they work at, Ford Motor Company and others. Some are doctors. Some had terrific suggestions. Tremendous things came back. That’s actually helping us in a big way as we’re going to go forward.”

Some schools in the B1G — Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State and others — have already released plans for a return date. All are implementing small-group return dates at staggered times in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

It’s an important move from Harbaugh and the University of Michigan, as it allows parents the opportunity to voice their concerns or recommendations regarding a return strategy.

Michigan’s stay-at-home order is still currently in place through June 12.