In case you didn’t know, Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari has his own podcast – Cal Cast. And surprisingly, it’s not only about Wildcats basketball.

On Monday, Calipari had another top-notch coach as a special guest on his show, Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh. And the two talked about everything from satellite camps to practice tendencies to the satisfying feelings of coaching.

Somewhere in-between, Calipari brought up negative recruiting. And Harbaugh shared his thoughts on that as well, not holding much back.

Here’s what the Michigan head coach had to say on that issue:

As far as the negative recruiting, a lot of that comes from people that have been saying that for six months or a year. They’re our enemies, they’re our competition. They try to manipulate a youngster and their family any way they can. My philosophy and thought on it – if you have to talk about somebody else and somebody else’s program and negative recruit them or their situation, then you’re really not concentrating on your own program and the situation you have at your school. That’s what you should be presenting and that’s what you should be encouraging a youngster to look at, not the negative side of recruiting. Definitely people use that against you and they use that against me and I’ve long referred to those type of people as jive turkeys.

Harbaugh said something similar a few weeks ago when he was rumored to be a candidate for the L.A. Rams coaching vacancy.

The two coaches shared plenty of great stories on the show and is certainly interesting to listen to. You can tune in to the full episode to hear more Harbaugh stories here.