Michael Jordan is one of the most recognizable figures in sports history. Considered to be the greatest NBA player of all-time the Hall of Famer is never mistaken for someone else.

Over the phone, though, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh had no idea he was talking to the basketball legend. Instead, he thought he was speaking to a recruit with the same name.

Harbaugh received a call from Jordan in 2015. When he answered, he was unsure of which Michael Jordan he was speaking with. He explained that unique experience on the Dan Patrick Show.

“There was another player we were recruiting at the time named Michael Jordan, who was an offensive lineman,” Harbaugh said. “He plays for Ohio State now. But yes, at the time, we were recruiting Michael Jordan and there was, of course, Michael Jordan.

“I was like, ‘Which Michael Jordan is this?'”

Jordan reached out to Harbaugh regarding the Jumpman brand, an affiliate of Nike. Michigan, of course, agreed to the terms of an 11-year contract worth $173 million to sport the Jumpman product with football and men’s basketball uniforms.

Michigan was the first football program to wear the brand.

“When we first took the job here, there was a shoe contract that was up,” Harbaugh said. “There’s a lot of good shoes out there. My son, Jay, came up with the idea. He’s like, ‘There’s no Jordan football school. That would be pretty awesome.'”

Even though Harbaugh didn’t receive the commitment from Michael Jordan the recruit, picking up the phone and speaking with the NBA legend worked out pretty well.