Jim Harbaugh is all about getting as much out of Halloween as possible. And his method to getting those most possible candy while out trick-or-treating is one he’s willing to share with everyone in Ann Arbor.

Have a backup costume.

Over the years, Harbaugh has talked about his children hustling around the neighborhood on Halloween night, changing costumes a few times and hitting the streets again in an effort to get extra candy. This week, with Halloween on Thursday, Harbaugh is now sharing that message with the rest of the kids in Ann Arbor.

“I encourage them to have a backup costume, as well,” Harbaugh told Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit. “Once they hit all the neighborhood in the one costume, to go back and have a second costume as well.”

When asked if Harbaugh’s children take that approach, the Michigan head coach confirmed.

“Yeah, they do it,” Harbaugh said. “They get the most candy. They know now to have at least two costumes for Halloween. They’re dialed in.”

Hopefully, there’s enough candy to go around for trick-or-treaters to make two or three trips around the neighborhood on Thursday.