Speculating on Jim Harbaugh’s future has become a cottage industry, so much so the commodities board in Chicago ought to list and let people try to profit off its fluctuations. There would be a handful of media figures almost out of a job if Harbaugh ever decided to make his long-term plans clear. 

Well, doomsday may have come for several souls on the Harbaugh Beat, as the coach let slip—uncharacteristically—a heavy declaration of allegiance to his current post during Monday’s Zoom call presser.

When a reporter asked Harbaugh about discussions with potential recruits regarding his future in Ann Arbor, the ball coach responded:

“I tell them my plan is I’m committed to Michigan. Have been, am and will remain. Warde [UM athletic director] and I will talk at the end of the season on the current contract, and that’s the truth. That’s where it stands.”

One thing Harbaugh is not is a liar. If he says something emphatically he generally means it. Whether or not Michigan wants to keep him in the spot long term is another discussion, but for now coach Jim has put the heavy speculation to bed.

The digital job classifieds posted tomorrow may see a slight uptick in traffic.