Jim Harbaugh is just like the rest of us.

Well, maybe he’s not just like the rest of us, but when it comes to trying to figure out college football’s targeting rule, he needs some clarification. I think we all could.

During Michigan’s game on Saturday, Khaleke Hudson was flagged and ejected for targeting personal foul on an SMU ball-carrier. It was pretty clear that Hudson made helmet-to-helmet contact, but Harbaugh believes it’s nearly impossible to not crack lids with an offensive player within a certain box on the field.

On Monday, during his weekly press conference, Harbaugh still says he wants clarification on why it was a penalty and why Hudson was ejected.

“Still not with that one,” Harbaugh said on the targeting call. “I’d like an explanation. We’d all like an explanation on that.

“Didn’t think Khaleke’s was with the crown of his helmet. I thought he led with his shoulder.”

Harbaugh also made the argument that the running back was “fully leading with the crown of his helmet.”

Below is Harbaugh talking about the targeting call. To see the targeting call against Hudson, you can view it here.