With a little extra spare time now that everyone is under quarantine, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh decided to write an open letter to the football community. His topic? NCAA eligibility and the opportunity to pursue an NFL career.

Harbaugh proposed several changes that he believes would improve the quality of life for student-athletes in college football. A good portion of the head coach’s open letter discusses players having the opportunity to pursue a career in the NFL after just one season at the college level, much like the NBA’s “one-and-done” situation.

During his five seasons at Michigan, Harbaugh has been vocal about improving the transfer process, allowing student-athletes to turn professional earlier in their careers and easing some of the NCAA restrictions to help the student-athletes. Now he’s taken those thoughts to pen a letter for all to read.

Below is the letter Harbaugh fired off to the “football community” on Thursday: