Jim Harbaugh’s attorney is not amused by the NCAA’s Saturday statement regarding the Michigan head coach’s alleged violations.

Derrick Crawford, an NCAA VP of hearing operations, turned heads when he issued a statement on the Harbaugh case including the words “not a cheeseburger.”

“The Michigan infractions case is related to impermissible on and off-campus recruiting during the COVID-19 dead period and impermissible coaching activities — not a cheeseburger,” the statement reads. “It is not uncommon for the COI to seek clarification on key facts prior to accepting. The COI may also reject an NR if it determines that the agreement is not in the best interests of the Association or the penalties are not reasonable. If the involved parties cannot resolve a case through the negotiated resolution process, it may proceed to a hearing but the committee believes cooperation is the best avenue to quickly resolve issues.”

Harbaugh is being represented by prominent attorney Tom Mars, who has worked on previous NCAA cases, notably involving eligibility and waivers. On social media, Mars called it “unreal” that the NCAA can address detailed aspects of the case to spin public perception while Harbaugh and his representation are not allowed to publicly comment on any facts in the case.

Mars is being careful not to trigger any penalties by making comments in print media, either. When Angelique S. Chengelis of The Detroit News reached out to Mars about reports regarding Harbaugh’s 4-game suspension, Mars said he would only express his frustration with the process of the NCAA case.