JJ McCarthy led Michigan in a rousing win over Ohio State in The Game. In the first half, McCarthy was able to connect on some big passing plays.

Those big gainers helped open up some running lanes for the Wolverines in the second half. Donovan Edwards finished with the big runs late, but everything was set up by some deep connections with Cornelius Johnson early on.

After the win, McCarthy was asked about second-half adjustments for the Wolverines. According to McCarthy, Michigan did not make any adjustments and had a full-game gameplan for the Buckeyes.

McCarthy also said the Wolverines know they’re the best second-half team in the country and that it would pay off:

“No adjustments. We had a full-game gameplan ready for them,” said McCarthy. “The message was just ‘We’re the best second-half team in the country’ and we prove it every week. And it was just great to go out there and do it again.”

As for his tough run against the Buckeye defense, McCarthy said he keeps begging Sherrone Moore for those type of opportunities:

“I fight coach (Sherrone) Moore for those plays,” McCarthy said on his tough run in the second half. “Just give me the ball when we need some gritty yards and I’m going to go get them.”

Now, McCarthy will get his chance to lead the Wolverines to a repeat B1G Championship.