JJ McCarthy was feeling it on the road in Week 5, guiding Michigan to a 28-0 lead in the first half. That start was complete with 3 touchdowns for the quarterback, including one with a little corn cob celebration after a touchdown run.

Immediately after the game, McCarthy was asked about playing on the road, and he said it provided the “ultimate test” for Michigan to not have the home crowd behind the Wolverines. If it was a test, McCarthy and company aced it with a 45-7 win.

“It’s the ultimate test for us, we don’t have guys rooting for us. We don’t have the great fans of Michigan back home out there with us,” said McCarthy. “It’s great to just everything we put in this offseason, nothing is going to phase us and we showed it today.”


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McCarthy was even asked about the corn and he admitted it was amazing. “It was buttery and sweet,” said McCarthy.

Later in his postgame press conference, the star QB reflected on quieting the Nebraska crowd and watching the Boneyard empty out early with the outcome decided by the end of the third quarter.