J.J. McCarthy got a win in his first career road start as Michigan’s quarterback. Iowa could not keep the offense down long enough for it to matter.

McCarthy did not have an incredible game, but he did a good job of limiting the mistakes against Iowa. He finished the game with 155 yards passing and 1 touchdown. McCarthy went 18-for-24 through the air.

The Michigan starting QB spoke about how it meant to get a win in this game after how he played against Maryland. While McCarthy didn’t have any turnovers against the Terps, he almost gave the ball away a couple of times.

FOX Sports’ Jenny Taft spoke with him about the win.

“I just felt like I’ve learned a lot from last week. There was a lot of immature mistakes last week. Coaches did a great job coaching us up. The guys around me made me shine today. It was just an awesome, awesome win for us.”

At the end of the day, McCarthy looks at Jim Harbaugh as more than just a coach. He sees Harbaugh as a life mentor and overall great human being.

“I look up at Jim Harbaugh as a coach, teammate, and as a father figure,” said McCarthy.