Joel Klatt is tired of a narrative about the SEC leading to inflated rankings.

For the second time in the 2022 college football season, the No. 1-ranked team fell to No. 2 after a close win. Defending national champion Georgia squeaked by Missouri with a 26-22 win on the road.

Associated Press Top 25 voters dropped the Bulldogs to No. 2, moving Alabama back up to No. 1. The Crimson Tide dropped from No. 1 after a 20-19 win at Texas in Week 2.

FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt has Georgia at No. 5 in his Week 6 Top 5. Klatt has Michigan at No. 3. In his latest podcast episode, Klatt took aim at a narrative about SEC road wins, arguing that U-M’s win at Iowa was more impressive.

“Is it easier to win in other conferences on the road? Was it easy for Michigan to go into Iowa City and win in Kinnick when Iowa has beaten 4 of the last top-5 teams that they’ve faced in that home stadium? I’m pretty sure that’s a better track record at home than Missouri,” Klatt said.

“This notion that this conference has some sort of mysterious power where it’s harder to win on the road in the SEC than it is at other places is false. That’s bias. That’s narrative. And don’t buy it. You know where it’s hard to win? At really good teams.”

After discussing Clemson and others, Klatt circled back to comparing Michigan and Georgia’s Week 5 wins.

“Michigan’s win at Iowa was much better, much better, than Georgia’s win at Missouri. Not even close.”